BlockChain Movie Club

(Coming soon...)

BlockChain Movie Club is an integrated content distribution and payment service platform. Integrates advanced technologies that include Transparent payment system using Ethereum Blockchain and content distribution over 5G Edge Networks. Enables premium 8k content directly to your home theater systems.

Content Creators

A compelling platform to publish your movies. Hurdle free distribution of the content directly to the audience. Complete control over quality of the content and revenues.

Movie Watchers

Join the club and enjoy the premium movies. The movies are sponsored by the advertisers and available for free. Set your preferences to avoid unwanted advertisements.


Run effective Ad campaigns. Monitor the advertisements being distributed to the targeted audience and measure the effectiveness. The data is accessible directly from the public blockchain.

Platform Collaborators

Share your Edge Compute Resources for building a global collaborative platform and get rewarded for the shared resources. Participate in a unique collaborative business model with the transparency backed Blockchain technology